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I finally put together a short 2-page website for myself. I purchased the domain name months ago, and I’ll have various smaller uses for it. For now, it’ll just have some links and my goals for 2009. Check out

If anybody wants a small website in exchange for services, give me a hollar.


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So what is QuickSchools.Com? is a School Management System for Grades K thru 12 (or K-12). The system encompasses many, if not all, aspects of school management and administration such as workflow-based grading, scheduling / timetabling, student information, attendance, and report cards. Not only can the system be used by teachers and staff, but also by students and parents, making it easy to share and disseminate information. And access to all parties can be restricted based on predefined roles and user groups, or customized by individual users.

QuickSchools.Com has many attributes that give it a competitive advantage over incumbents in the market. But two things worth mentioning are:

Web-Based Rich-Client Interface:

QuickSchools.Com is both web-based and client-rich. Most applications are either one or the other. Typical web-based applications require pages to be reloaded between requests. Even with the advent of AJAX, there are still limitations on how interactive a web-based application can be. Traditionally, highly interactive user interfaces follow the client-server paradigm, which means every computer accessing the system requires a specific application to be installed. These applications are limited by the capabilities of the underlying machine, such as operating system, CPU and memory. If the application is not installed on your local machine, then you won’t have access to the system.

QuickSchools.Com employs Adobe Flash to facilitate a highly interactive user interface. Users will not feel like they are using a traditional web page, as they drag and drop icons, flip through information categorized by tabs, and view real-time information, as they happen, in graphical or even pictorial format. Users will not experience wait times between requests, because information exchange is performed seamlessly without the need to refresh the web page. Performance is also improved since only data is being transmitted between your browser and the server. All front-end logic is controlled by the browser, and is not re-transmitted every time a request is made. In a nutshell, users get the best of both worlds with a Flash-based interface:

· Web-Based à Easy Access from Any Web Browser with Internet Access
· Client-Rich à Better User Experience through High Performance Flash Interface

Cost-Effective Subscription-Based Model:

Another thing that makes QuickSchools.Com exceptional is it’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This means that there are no servers to buy, no systems to install, no special licenses to purchase, and no IT specialists to hire. All you do is pay a monthly subscription fee and voila; you have a School Management System, customized to your specific needs. QuickSchools.Com will provide the servers, systems and specialists to make your system run smoothly and efficiently.

The people at QuickSchools.Com are constantly improving their software, because your success translates to their success. And as subscribers, you are privy to all future upgrades at no additional cost. Furthermore, when you sign-up for a FREE 3-month trial, the QuickSchools.Com engineers will take your data and put it into the system for you. Data transfer can be completed within a matter of days.

In summary, the subscription-based model provides many cost effective features not typical in most software implementations, such as:

· Zero Cost-Of-Entry: You just pay the monthly subscription
· Low Maintenance Cost: You just pay the monthly subscription
· Free Upgrades and Improvements: You just pay the monthly subscription

These are two very strong reasons to use QuickSchools.Com. But don’t just take my word for it. Give it a try. You will be blown away by how easy it is to use the application, and you can access it from anywhere. Visit QuickSchools.Com for more information. You can speak to one of their specialists via live chat, or contact them via e-mail.

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Vancouver Sun Run 2009


So last Sunday, my wife and I ran the Vancouver Sun 10Km Run. It was our very first Sun Run, and my wife’s first 10Km race. I decided to run the entire race alongside my wife.

First, about the race – We arrived in time for the 9 am start. But little did we know, we could’ve arrived an hour late, and still be in time to start “our” race. Since there were about 55,000 other runners today, the organizers arranged a staggered start (they do this every year). We were in group 5 of 6. And so our start time was closer to 10:15 am. I took a video every time I thought the race was about to start. And I ended up with a pretty long video. Check it out: More

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