So last Sunday, my wife and I ran the Vancouver Sun 10Km Run. It was our very first Sun Run, and my wife’s first 10Km race. I decided to run the entire race alongside my wife.

First, about the race – We arrived in time for the 9 am start. But little did we know, we could’ve arrived an hour late, and still be in time to start “our” race. Since there were about 55,000 other runners today, the organizers arranged a staggered start (they do this every year). We were in group 5 of 6. And so our start time was closer to 10:15 am. I took a video every time I thought the race was about to start. And I ended up with a pretty long video. Check it out:

The run was really a lot of fun. My wife managed to run the entire race non-stop. I tried to take videos at every kilometer. There were bands playing at almost every corner (really). And every time you went over a hill and got a glimpse of the runners running in front of you (or behind you), the view is just awe inspiring. Check out the run:

We finished the race in under 1 hour 17 minutes. Not bad… That put us at numbers 25,488 and 25,489 out of 55,858 entries. I’m proud of you, honey… Keep it up!

Two Runners

Azroy and Wife

So, onto some reflection – During the run, I was surprised at the number of people wearing sponsored t-shirts. And I found myself noticing many of the companies and local businesses displayed on the back of these t-shirts, as my wife and I were running pass them (many of these runners were more like walkers. So even if you don’t run regularly, you should totally do the Vancouver Sun Run, if you’re in the area). Why didn’t we get one of those sponsored t-shirts? Our “free” t-shirt, I’m sorry to say, was a little dorky. More of a memento of the run than anything else.

Anyway, it wasn’t until our bus ride home (which took extra long due to the road closures caused by our massive run), that I realized that I should totally have custom made my own t-shirt to advertise QuickSchools.Com – that’s another company I will be joining next month. I’ll talk more about QuickSchools in my next entry. I’m sure most employees don’t actively think about how they can help promote their company. But I think if you think you can make a positive difference in your organization, however small, you should give it a shot. You never know what might come of it.

So with the permission of QuickSchools.Com, hopefully I’ll be doning their logo and their message on my back in my future runs. Let’s get the message out…

On to my next run!