Back on the Saddle Again


Well, it’s the New Year (It is in Malaysia anyway. We’re a few hours behind), and a full 5 months since we moved to Kingston, Ontario. And during that time, I hardly exercised. Gone are the days of me running in the Vancouver sun (or rain). I hardly have the time to go to the gym. And running in the cold winter air is just not my cup of tea (though we see many running outside in the snow nonetheless).

But that’s all changing. Just last month, my wife got me a new treadmill for my birthday. I’ve started running a little when I can. And for Boxing Day, I got myself a weight bench and a set of dumbbells from Wal-Mart. Well, the weight bench is still sitting in the basement, unassembled, but I’ll get to it. More

Working from Home: Setting Boundaries

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My wife blogged recently how, since working from home in a virtual team, all my time is being spent working, and the line between work and home is now blurry. Her points are valid. And perception is key. And as part of my resolution for the New Year, I’ve come up with an analysis as well as a plan for my work schedule (and work processes) moving forward. More