QuickSchools Demos & Tutorials

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So after putting together a few videos to help our friend from Nigeria in a previous post, I decided to make a few more videos to help out the many existing schools that are currently using QuickSchools. It’s all uploaded to YouTube, and organized into a playlist, which is pretty nifty. So here is the playlist, and I’ll be adding more videos to it, hopefully, in the weeks to come. I hope it is useful. More

Simplicity over Power or Access

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One of the philosophies at QuickSchools.com is simplicity, and it’s very apparent from the first time you log in. The screen is smooth and simple, without much clutter. We have big round buttons that guide you. And there aren’t too many available buttons to click on. In fact, if you look closely, some of the functions that you think you may need aren’t even present. For example: How do add classes, or change the names of the grades? How do I set the academic terms? How do I customize the report cards to look like what we’re using right now? When you first sign up, it’s not there.

Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t change the names of the grades. It doesn’t mean that you can’t set academic terms. And it doesn’t mean you can’t customize report cards. In fact, we can do all of the above. There are a few reasons that these functions are hidden, and they contribute to simplicity. More

Screen Capture for Demos

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Yesterday, I attempted to give a demo of QuickSchools to a school in Nigeria from my home in Kingston Ontario. Needless to say, the experience could have been better. The internet connection was slow, to say the least, causing my screen sharing program to appear sluggish, and sometimes frozen, on his end. The phone line wasn’t that great either. And he needed to see what the software could do for his school.

Looking at other SaaS companies out there, the service we’re providing should be as self-service as possible. Or at least, it should move in that direction, so that you cover most of your customer base. Some SaaS companies may or may not choose to invest in providing additional customer service, via live chat and email, for the remaining customer base. But that’s a separate issue. For a SaaS company to be successful, in my opinion, the user should be able to consume the service with little to no interaction with a customer service representative. More