Dead Last – KRRA Half Marathon


Me in front of City Hall where the race is about to start

You heard it right! I was DEAD LAST in Sunday’s Kingston Road Runner’s Association (KRRA) Half Marathon. Don’t believe me? You can CLICK HERE. I finished in 224th place, in 2:35:50. Right after I passed the finish line, I overheard the words “Okay, we can pack up now”! So here’s how it went down:

First off, I have to say I was not prepared for this race. And even though I’d run 2 half marathons before, experience is no substitute for preparedness (or is it “preparation”?). I didn’t even have proper running shoes, so I got new ones just the day before. And if you’ve read any literature on running long distance, you need at least 2 weeks to break-in your new shoes before using them in a race. But my old ones were really in no shape for a race (but in retrospect, they might have been better). More

More on Remote Support


A few months ago, I wrote about Remote Support software, and mentioned a few players out there like GotoAssist, CrossLoop and YuuGuu. Well today, I had a chance to try out ZohoMeeting, which is another screen sharing / remote support program. It came recommended by a potential customer I was speaking to just a few days ago. And I have to say, I like it. More