… since my last blog post!

Hi everyone,

My last post to this blog is exactly a year ago, when I celebrated my 10th Wedding Anniversary. Yesterday marked the end of my 11th year of married bliss 😉

I just got back from terawikh prayer, and thought I’d put in a blog entry. Which reminds me, to all my muslim friends, Ramadhan Mubarak. Tomorrow, we start our first day of fasting, and I pray that Allah accepts our doa on this blessed month of Ramadhan.

Today, my 8-year-old daughter surprised me with her determination and perseverance. She really wanted to learn to play “Love Story” (by Taylor Swift) on the piano. Up to that point, I used to think that playing by ear either came naturally or didn’t. But apparently, it can be taught. Last week, her piano teacher started Melur on her path, with some basic notes and concepts. Today, she spent an entire hour with me, practicing the song, without any notes, only a lyric sheet. And slowly, but surely, she was able to play the notes based on the melody of the song. I was impressed – I still am.

Anyway, that’s my 2-bits for the day, after a year of silence. Tomorrow is a fasting day, and I’m looking forward to making a few more entries this time around. I really want to talk about my trip to Montreal with the kids last weekend. It was a BLAST!

Have a good night!