I lost my round 3 game against Peter Sibbald today. It was a very close game. I played the Gruenfeld against White’s d4. The opening was pretty solid. White had a strong attack on f7, but the Bishop ended up stranded there, blocked in by his own pawn on e6. We reached a comfortable middle game for Black, in my opinion, but there was a lot of counter play on both sides. Some inaccuracies led to a winning end game for White.

I think in this game, I would improve 2 things. There was obviously a lot of tactics in the middle game, and a lot of calculation. But once I felt comfortable with my middle game position, I stopped thinking about what the opponent was planning to do. I just kept pushing my passed a-pawn, hoping for a Queen promotion. Some of his attacks came as a surprise to me.

Secondly, I did play very positionally, which was good. But I don’t think I used my advantage very well. I need to think up more strategic advantages, instead of going for the tactical win every time. This game was by far very tactical with lots of opportunities and many different possible lines. But it made for a pretty exciting game.

I’ve updated my website with this latest game, along with my commentary. Link is below: