January has come and gone. So how have I tracked to my goals for 2012. Here are some highlights:

  • Have lost 4 of target 25 lbs to lose this year
  • Ran 57km out of 1000 for the year (I’m 26km behind going into February)
  • Have read translation for first 3 chapters of Quran (al-Baqarah and part of al-Imran). Am on track to finish 30 by years end.
  • Multiple posts to (this) my personal blog (mostly on chess), as well as on the QuickSchools blog.
This is what I have not done this month:
  • Only managed to memorize half of a new surah (al-Qadr). I should finish this up and start a new one.
  • As mentioned above, I am 26km behind on my 1000km run goal for the year. Need to catch up!
  • I have not posted anything to my Family Blog or Melur’s YouTube channel.

Let’s do better next month!