In this round, I managed to beat Wayne Coppin, another really strong player from the Kingston Chess Club. I have to admit, I was losing after the opening (Queen’s Gambit Declined). Black equalized at move 7, and quickly developed a winning positional advantage. However, Black did not play accurately, and allowed for some counter play by White. A Queen exchange on move 23 allowed White to win a pawn, and convert a winning end game.

The lesson today is the same as before. When you let your guard down and allow counter play, the opponent has chances to attack back. I was on the receiving end this time though, so I was lucky. I was able to take advantage of the inaccuracies by Black. Black’s attack was pre-mature. He should have consolidated his pieces more before initiating the attack (something I tell my son all the time). It will not be so easy to beat Wayne on our next encounter.

Only one more round to go. Round 6 is next Monday. I’ll be playing for second place. Peter‘s position as first is pretty much secured.

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