I played the last round of the 2012 Kingston Chess Club Championship a day ahead of everybody else, because my opponent could not make it to the event. We played at my house. My opponent was David Chan (my student‘s older brother), a pretty good junior player, who has been inconsistent in his previous games, but has moments of strong play. Today was one of those days. I was playing Black, and we played the Advanced Dragon Sicilian.

White opened very well, developing quickly, castling long on the Queen Side, and then initiating the usual pawn storm on the King Side (typical plan against the Dragon Sicilian). Black played for the usual quick d5 advance, which is supposed to gain tempo against Whites King Side attack. Due to the strong pressure by White, I opted to exchange pieces and move quickly to the end game. I certainly could have (or even should have) kept the tension with the Queens on the board. I had a strong central Queen on d5 at move 12. By move 16, both sides were left with a bishop and 2 rooks (and pawns of course).

White played a very solid end game. I think both sides were afraid to lose, and played very safe moves. After some tactical play and several exchanges, we ended up with a draw at move 58.

Not a bad way to end the tournament, I suppose, with 4.5/6 points. I lost one game against the top rated player Peter Sibbald, and ended up in second place. Cross tables on CXR Chess is located here.

The next and final tournament of the season, The Peter Sibbald Spring  Open (named after the winner of this tournament), starts in one month, so I have some time to prepare and maybe change up my repertoire. I may retire the Advanced Dragon. I liked this opening because it’s like the English Opening in reverse, however, theoretically, I think it has many flaws. I really liked playing the Gruenfeld as Black. Actually, most of my opening preferences are with Black, and I should focus on some openings as White (other than the English opening).

Check out my commentary on my website: http://azroykandan.com/2012_KCC_Championship.html