Why I love working for QuickSchools


Recently, my wife was having some doubts about the career choice she made to pursue her PhD. She was feeling very down, and very pre-occupied with all the obstacles and difficult experiences, while now in her third year of her program. I’m of the firm belief that when things are good, you only remember the good times, and when things are bad, you only remember the bad times. It’s a part of human nature. And this was one of those moments. My wife was really starting to doubt what all her efforts were for.

And so I suggested to her that she list out all the reasons why she wanted to pursuit her PhD in the first place. It was actually a pretty lengthy process for her, as she soul-searched for most of the day. Her first attempt missed the mark, but by the end of the day, she finally was able to put everything together. And I must say she came up with a pretty comprehensive list. And in my view, this list will help remind her of her long term goals, so she does not get too pre-occupied with the short-term obstacles she will undoubtedly face.

So after watching (and assisting in) that process, I thought it’d be good for me to do the same. I may not be in a rut right now, but it helps to occasionally access and evaluate where I am, so that I do have a long term goal in mind.

So here are my top 10 reasons for my chosen path, to work with QuickSchools (which I have since May 2009): More

2012 Peter Sibbald Spring Open Round 2


What a great game today! I played against my “arch nemesis”, Sid Anjilvel. Although I’m higher rated in the longer games, we’re usually quite even in the short rapid or blitz games. And we’ve developed a familiarity of playing each other, which I don’t have with other players. We basically know the playing styles of each other.

Anyway, true to form, Sid opens with the Polish opening (also known as the Sokolsky). I’m very familiar with this opening, having used it multiple times in previous years. I also know that although it’s aggressive, theoretically, it has some weaknesses. For the first time, I tried to use some theory against this opening.

I managed to win a pawn early in the opening (at move 3, actually). I also controlled a lot of space on the Queen-side with my pawns, which restricted White’s development. White had some opportunities to undermine my pawn structure early on the Queen side, but a late attack and some tactics later lead to my being up the exchange. At move 18, I was up a rook for a knight.

Black had some compensation for the exchange though. Black’s pawn structure on the Queen side was fragmented and difficult to protect. Knowing that White would not survive a slow end game, White opted for a full King-Side attack after both sides castled on the King side. White also managed to keep most of Black’s pieces locked away on the Queen-side, away from all the action. More

2012 Peter Sibbald Spring Open Round 1

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The final tournament of the season is underway, the 2012 Peter Sibbald Spring Open. My round one opponent is Brian Murray, whom I’ve played with a few times at the Kingston Chess Club. I played the London System, but it was not a great opening for me. I don’t think I played it well. But I managed to pull through in the end, due to some inaccuracies played by Black. My next opponent should be a lot tougher. I will need to prepare better.

My PGN and commentary are located here: http://azroykandan.com/2012_PeterSibbald_SpringOpen.html