It’s the nature of club level games that we all make blunders. In the previous round, I made a blunder which thankfully I was able to recover from. For this round however, I was clearly losing after many missteps in the opening. However, my opponent made a critical blunder at move 29, and resigned 2 moves later. You can check out my complete commentary/annotation here:

My key takeaways here:

1 – I really should prepare better, regardless of who my opponent is. My opponent clearly prepared to play against my Sicilian opening. And I on the other hand didn’t bother to anticipate my opponent. My lacklustre efforts lead to a dreadful middle game where I was struggling to keep the pressure.

2 – When choosing an opening, I really should stick to what I know. And if I want to divert from theory, I should understand the best places to move off the main line. My attempt at moving away from theory with d6 on move 5 was clearly not good. Sticking to theory, despite my opponents preparation, might have been better in this case.

3 – I used a lot of time in today’s game. White really had a chance to win on time, if he was up to the challenge. I found myself thinking after every move, which is actually a good thing. I always find myself skipping this step when I’m winning and too excited. And as I’ve told my son before, if you’re gonna spend extra time while you’re losing, why not use that same extra time while you’re winning? You’ll yield better results.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. I got off easy this time. I’m hoping I’ll get to play the tournament leader, Wayne Coppin, in the next round. It’ll either be me or Dave Gordon.