Despite my preparation, I didn’t manage to get a huge advantage against the London System. But it was a reasonable game. The first 7 moves were as I had prepared, but White surprised me with a Queen exchange on move 8.

With the Queens off the board, it was more of a positional game, but I had plenty of counterplay as Black. In the end, White made an error on move 27, losing a pawn, and subsequently losing the game. It was still a good game, and I learned a lot using the “Anti London System” response.

I’d like to say thank you to ChessExplained on YouTube for putting together 3 videos with his recommendations against the London System. It helped me prepare for my game against Dave Gordon. I will perhaps try a different line against the London System in future encounters. I’ve also uploaded my PGN with commentary onto my website.

With this win, I will be playing the highest rated player at the Kingston Chess Club – Peter Sibbald. I have already annotated 4 games that I have played against him. I’m hoping to prepare something special for our next encounter. Any recommendations?

Wish me luck!