It’s been over 3 and half years since my last blog entry (basically when I stopped playing chess at the chess club). It’s been a pretty crazy 3 and half years. Some updates, which I hope to write about at some point in the future:

  • I bought and moved to a new place – a townhouse central to Kingston
  • My role within has evolved immensely. I’m now Head of Engineering (instead of Head of Support). This alone has provided me with a lot of interesting and difficult challenges personally and professionally.
  • I visited my brother’s family and sister in-law (on my wife’s side) in Houston. They moved to Houston just 1 – 2 years prior.
  • I took my kids back to Malaysia this past summer, to rekindle their relationship with their home country and their extended family
  • My brother came to stay with me for about a month and a half (first time one of my extended family members came to stay over). We had a chance to reconnect, where we realized that we were really never that close to begin with.

So back to why I write/keep a blog. Looking back at my previous entries, it’s like keeping a diary. I get to see not only what I’ve done in the past, but also my thought processes, changes in perspectives and motivations, as well as my goals and accomplishments. Facebook certainly does a good job of keeping track of my previous activities. Although it does allow me to reflect on the past, I haven’t quite utilized it as a means to record my thoughts and reflections. And the sheer volume of activity in Facebook makes it difficult to go back and look at previous posts. Hence, I think a separate blog would do a better job.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I’m gonna start writing again, and hopefully not just about chess, but on more personal subjects and reflections. And some time in the future, I’ll hopefully look back on this day and thank myself for making this effort.