After six rounds of play, my son Arman takes home the 2017 Kingston Chess Club (KCC) Championship, with 5/6 points. He had only ONE loss against Sid Anjilvel, but won against stronger opponents like Frank Dixon, Sudhir Pokhrel and myself. He also beat John Lukezich who performed well this tournament, beating both Jake Van Rooy and Dave Gordon. Naturally, Arman also ended up with the biggest improvement if CXR Chess Rating points.

Complete results are here:

I, on the other hand, finished with 4/6 points. In addition to losing to Arman, I also lost to Jake Van Rooy, who turns out to be the 3rd seed (and I’m the first seed, based on CXR Chess ratings). I guess I’m a little rusty. I didn’t make much attempt to book-up, but it was still a pretty good tournament for me.

I actually enjoyed my game against Van Rooy. He plays just like me, preferring the Hypermodern philosophy, where we allow the opponent to occupy the center, and then try to break down the center from the flanks with stronger pieces (like bishops and knights). But seeing as we both played the Hypermodern style, the 4th and 5th ranks were relatively unoccupied through most of the middle game.

What was interesting about this game is that I played a Benko-style gambit on move 5, against Black’s dxc4. And the gambit paid off. I enjoyed a positional advantage throughout most of the game, and kept control of the pace, while Black struggled to develop his Queen-side. I eventually equalized materially on move 13.

Unfortunately, I played hastily at move 23 (with NxNg3), which allowed Black to capture the loose pawn on e2 with check. Better here would have been for me to play hxg5. Although I would have ended up with double pawns, my knight remains at the center, and I may have been able to use the open h-file with my rook.

Once Black infiltrated the 2nd rank with his rook, it was hard to hold up any kind of defense. I resigned 10 moves later, after losing material.

Here’s my game against Van Rooy:

All-in-all, a very good start to the season. I could not have asked for a better result, having lost in the tournament. And I look forward to the last tournament of the season, which should take on my son’s name, something to likes of the “2017 Arman Azroy Spring Robin”, I believe, if memory serves me correctly.

Good luck to all!