I win the 2012 President’s Challenge


It was not a convincing round 5 victory at the 2012 President’s Challenge, a bit of a let down really. My opponent made a blunder, and resigned on move 21. I opened with the English Opening, and Black responded with the symmetrical variation. You can see the game, along with PGN and commentary, on my website.

For this tournament, I primarily played the Vienna Gambit as White, and I tried the new Owen’s Defense as Black. I only used the English Opening in the final round. Time to prepare some new openings for the upcoming Kingston Chess Club Championship. I wonder what openings I should explore. Any suggestions?

Happy Holidays everyone!

2012 President’s Challenge

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It’s been a while since I last posted anything on this blog. My last tournament at the Kingston Chess Club, the first of the 2012/2013 season, was not so great. I finished 5th out of 18 in the 2012 Jim Cairns Memorial Swiss.

I’m doing a lot better in the second tournament, the 2012 President’s Challenge. I will be playing for the championship against Dave Gordon on Monday. I have a good record playing against him. And I will be playing White. It will be a tough game just the same.

Anyway, I’ve posted my first 4 rounds on my website. I’ll post the final 5th round against Dave Gordon after the game is over. Wish me luck!

Here’s the link to my games in the 2012 President’s Challenge: