Personal Goals for 2013

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In my recent post about Family Goals, I noted that 2012 was not such a good year in terms of achieving my personal goals, but it has been a good year for me nonetheless. Some things that I am grateful for in 2012:

  • Work at QuickSchools has been great!
  • Ayu has been making progress with her PhD (2 conference papers at ICIS)
  • We started paying less rent (thank you Mary), and have made improvements to our living situation
  • Melur and Arman have continued focus on studies, religion, swimming, music and other extra-curricular activities.
  • Although we didn’t reach his target 1300 rating, Arman’s CMA rating started improving towards the end of the year, and we also got Arman a new IM chess coach
  • We had a 2-month trip to Malaysia this summer, to re-connect with extended family (although we didn’t even blog about it)

So my goals for this year are mainly to do with my health (I’ve gained a lot of weight recently) and the Qur’an (I didn’t get much reading in last year): More

Family Goals for 2013

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So 2012 has come and gone, pretty fast I might add. And I can’t say that I’ve accomplished many of my goals from last year. But it has been a good year nonetheless. And I’m happy with how things are going. I’m very grateful for all that I have – Alhamdulillah.

But now that the New Year has come, as most people do this time of the year, I can reflect on my life and assess how things are going – assess and calibrate. For the first time, my wife and I have included the kids in planning our family goals. And if we achieve our goals, I think we should be rewarded for them, just to keep things interesting.

Here are some family goals we’ve decided: More