Screen Sharing / Remote Support


For the longest time, I wondered if there was a free screen sharing program out there, that I could use to help support people remotely. And for the longest time, I’d been looking in the wrong place. When you look for “screen sharing”, you’re essentially looking for software that allows other users to see YOUR screen, to do demos and stuff. But what I really needed was to be able to see the OTHER user’s screen, and have control of their keyboard and mouse.

The proper search term you should be looking for is “remote support”. These systems will allow other users to share their screen with you (so it’s similar to screen sharing), and in addition allow you to control their keyboard and mouse as well. Pretty cool, huh? I used to be dumbfounded when I first saw this capability several years ago. And I get the same reaction talking to people whose desktop I was poking around in. More

We’re Approved!

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So just last Monday, we received our approval for our Canadian permanent residency. What a way to start the New Year. That’s one of my goals I get to scratch off. We submitted our PR application just last May. We did our medical exams in September. And we sent our passports over just last December. We were really hopeful to get our PRs just after the New Year. And here we are! More

Goals as a Muslim

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I spent Saturday morning updating my website, It hasn’t been updated since Jan 2009. I downloaded a new template called metamorph hills from ( wasn’t working properly), and proceeded to put in content for it (it’s just ONE page, BTW). I put in a few new widgets, and put in my Goals for 2010 as well.

One of my goals as a Muslim is to fast Monday’s and Thursdays, like I used to in Malaysia. I started fasting just this past week. And it seems to have rubbed off onto my kids. By Friday, the kids wanted to fast, and asked me to wake them up on Saturday morning to sahur. I wrote on my family blog on how that experience went. But in summary, they made it through, for the very first time, EVER. And I’m so very proud of them.

One of my other goals, as a father, is to pray with my kids. And we managed to do it for all 5 prayers for the day. So I guess that’s two goals accomplished this week. But I need to accomplish these goals every week. It’s more of a habit I want to develop.

Anyway, there are many, many goals I want to accomplish this year. I’ll be reviewing my goals from 2009 in my next post, and maybe elaborating on my 2010 goals further. Hopefully, it’ll be a good year for all of us. I foresee many changes and challenges, but we’ll persevere.

Happy New Year, everyone!