Thoughts on Simon Sinek – The Finite and Infinite Games of Leadership

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Link here:

I wanted to note down some key takeaways from the video listed above:

In Game Theory, there are 2 types of games:

Finite Game

Infinite Game

  • Known Players
  • Fixed Rules
  • Agreed Upon Objective
  • Example: Baseball
  • Known and Unknown Players
  • Rules are changeable
  • Object is to Perpetuate the Game
  • Example: Cold War

When Finite Players play against Finite Players, or when Infinite Players play against Infinite Players, the system is stable. When a Finite Player is pitted against an Infinite Player, there’s a quagmire.

Business is an Infinite Game

  • There are known and unknown players
  • Rules are changeable. Nobody has agreed to rules.
  • There is no “Winning”. It just perpetuates.

The Game of Business has been around for a long time, and will outlast all current companies in the game today. However, most companies today think of business as a Finite Game, by creating arbitrary players and rules. When you’re constanting creating new “goals” based on the Finite Game, you waste resources.

Infinite Game

Finite Game

Based on Values – What do we stand for? Based on Interests
Vision – Crystal clear sense of what the finish line looks like, without knowing how far away it is Goal-Based – Measureable
Looks at Trends Looks at arbitrary points in time

Within the Infinite Game, there should be many Finite Games that leads us toward the Vision. It’s our way of getting closer toward the vision. Finite Games in a vacuum (Goals determined purely on Interests) will lead to inefficiency and frustration. More

Preparing for 2013/2014

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Now that the 2012/2013 Kingston Chess Club season is over, I have approximately 4 months to prepare for the start of the next season in September. As part of that preparation, I’ve compiled my games against the 5 top players at the chess club for 2012/2013 (well four actually, since it excludes me):


CXR Rating

All-time Club Record

2012/2013 Club Record

Peter Sibbald


2 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw

1 win and 1 loss

Jay Serdula


1 win, 2 losses, 1 draw

1 win and 1 loss

Dave Gordon


8 wins

5 wins

Sid Anjilvel


3 wins and 2 losses

1 loss


EHAZ Chronicles

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Announcing the new launch (ok, I’m exagerating a little) of my wife’s new blog (her old one is WAY out of date) about her running adventures. She’s really into it – must be the Vancouver weather. And if you recall, I ran with her at the Vancouver Sun Run a few weeks ago. Congratulations to her for that! And if you want to read her perspective on that, she has an article on it too. Check out:


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I finally put together a short 2-page website for myself. I purchased the domain name months ago, and I’ll have various smaller uses for it. For now, it’ll just have some links and my goals for 2009. Check out

If anybody wants a small website in exchange for services, give me a hollar.

Hello world!


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